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Down Payments

What Makes Low Down Payment Loans Possible? Simply put, mortgage insurance protects the mortgage company against financial loss if a homeowner stops making mortgage payments. Mortgage companies usually require insurance on low down payment loans for protection in the event that the homeowner fails to make his or her payments.

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How much home do I Qualify for?

Income. Debt. Down Payment. Closing Costs. Two Years Income Tax Returns. Assets. Liabilities. IRAs. You want WHAT? Just what can I afford? Buying a home in today’s marketplace is a bit intimidating. And your new home purchase is likely to be one of the most important decisions you’ve ever had to make. 

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What to Offer

A Real Estate Professional can help you find your perfect home, but only you can decide how much you are willing to offer for it. The Real Estate Professional can supply you with information about the selling prices and marketing time of other houses in the area.

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